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Episode 16: Swim Development with Lisa Cook

Dive In! or get your feet wet...however you're comfortable! We are joined by Lisa Cook Founder of Kids Swim LA a California based swim school for babies through adulthood! We are so fortunate to get to chat with her about water safety and her method of teaching. We get some amazing mommy advice that we have to take her up on and you might need to too!


Lisa has a ton coming up this year and we cant wait for you to hear about it.

Kid Swim LA Website


Episode 15: The Missing Mommies

 This week you get us all to yourself! No guest. Our online presence has been very low key recently and that's for some crazy reasons. Good and Bad. Listen in and find out where we've been.

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Episode 14: Babies on a Budget w/ Alyssa of

Come on guys, WE KNOW BUDGETING IS HARD ! It's so scary to think about couponing and busy sales floors for us millenials but Alyssa Creator of has us COVERED! hint hint we don't have to do any of the scary stuff to save our pennies. Take notes everyone because her tips get an A+ from us.


Episode 13: Self Love Check In w/ Natalia Segura & Christina Lopez

We're checking in on how we've been progressing with self love joined by 2 very special guests. 


Christina from Boobelife joins us once again to talk all about what she's been up to and how she's keeping herself sane with her 2 little ones. 

Check out the recently released Boobelife apparel : Designed with the breastfeeding mama in mind


Natalia Segura joins us all the way from Florida via Skype to talk all about how she balances family and creative life as a Singer, Song Writer, Musician and Actress while living far from loved ones.


Check out Natalia's Music on Spotify and Youtube


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Episode 12: Tantrums with special Guest Brendah Campos

This week we are starting with a Mommy Spotlight on Brendah Campos, owner/creator of By Charms 21. We instantly fell in love with her and know you will too. Honestly, her voice just makes us smile.

We each dive into some serious and not so serious moments with behavior thats not always from our own kids.


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Episode 11: Potty Training

We're back on our biweekly schedule to talk about POTTY TRAINING. We both review what we did to potty train the girls and what signs to look for in readiness. I did forget to mention in the podcast that I kept the miniature potty in whichever room we were in and let her sit on it while she watched tv.

We also talk about the wonderful connections made at #weallgrowfamilia, a yearly event to mingle with the industry mamacitas.

Check out these amazing mamas who we will be collaborating with in the near future:

@la_mamacitas : Social Event Planners and LA Blogger

@bycharms21 : Event and workshop coordinator

@academicmami : Mother/ teacher/ student/ blogger

@jrmadrelove : Mother & Daughter Podcast 

@darlingtomboy : Budgeting blogger

@kidswimla : Children's swim school






Episode 10: Baby Daddy

We made it to episode 10!!! It took us some time to return as we've been working on our other podcast This is Us and the Moody Mommies. We are back to our biweekly schedule.


Join us in welcoming the men behind our madness. This episode we go over what it was like for them to deal with pregancy and welcoming new members to the family. 



Episode 9: Traveling with Toddlers

Hey everyone! 


 Join us this week as we reflect on our trip experiences and let you guys in on some tips and tricks for heading out with your little ones! We are also packing in a bunch of fun submitted stories. Sometimes you have to be there, but these stories are pretty vivid.


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Episode 8: Teen Mom Talk

This week we talk to our favorite teen moms, Jessica's mom and Vanessa's youngest sister Caroline. Per usual we keep it lighthearted and get to catch up with these sweet women and learn a little piece of their journey. I'm sure we will be hearing more from them in the future!


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Episode 7: Body After Baby

Hi Guys!

 In this episode we talk about our bodies right after giving birth. Aftercare steps, having sex again and the image of ourselves.  If you're expecting or a new mom this one is for you but we all could use a little reminiscing. 


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