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Episode 10: Baby Daddy

We made it to episode 10!!! It took us some time to return as we've been working on our other podcast This is Us and the Moody Mommies. We are back to our biweekly schedule.


Join us in welcoming the men behind our madness. This episode we go over what it was like for them to deal with pregancy and welcoming new members to the family. 



Episode 9: Traveling with Toddlers

Hey everyone! 


 Join us this week as we reflect on our trip experiences and let you guys in on some tips and tricks for heading out with your little ones! We are also packing in a bunch of fun submitted stories. Sometimes you have to be there, but these stories are pretty vivid.


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Episode 8: Teen Mom Talk

This week we talk to our favorite teen moms, Jessica's mom and Vanessa's youngest sister Caroline. Per usual we keep it lighthearted and get to catch up with these sweet women and learn a little piece of their journey. I'm sure we will be hearing more from them in the future!


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Episode 7: Body After Baby

Hi Guys!

 In this episode we talk about our bodies right after giving birth. Aftercare steps, having sex again and the image of ourselves.  If you're expecting or a new mom this one is for you but we all could use a little reminiscing. 


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Vanessa & Jessica


Episode 6: Dani the Doula

We know you have probably heard the term Doula, but what exactly is their role during pregnancy and childbirth?

Get to know Dani the Doula with us and the importance of child birth education. 

If you haven't already done so go back to Episode 5 and meet Christina from Boobelife. She joins us in episode 6 as well to tell us all about how having a Doula really changed her experience during her second birth. 




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Episode 5: BOOBETALK

We are joined by Christina from BOOBELIFE. She runs her Instgram and Facebook accounts to motivate other moms in their journey through motherhood with a focus on normalizing breastfeeding.  We also talk about our breastfeeding highs and lows. Next episode we will be joined by Danellia the Doula  


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Episode 4: Birth Days

As mommies we LOVE hearing labor stories since each one is so unique. These are our stories plus an awesome submission from @worldsokayestmomblog You could find her whole story here > IG: @moodymommiespodcast PS: We're still figuring out this whole audio thing so bare with us as the audio may fluctuate a bit.


Episode 3: Friendship and the Perfect Blendship

Welcome back!

We've taken the time to work out some audio issues. In our third episode we talk about 2 specific friendships and whether or not to let them go. We pick up where we left off 2 weeks ago and we also dive into our own deep rooted issue among our relationship with each other.  @moodymommiespodcast As always fill us in with your stories too! Moody Mommies Podcast is a Bi-Weekly Show

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Episode 2: Pregnancies and the bumps along the road

In our second episode we talk about pregnancy, friendship, loss and other medical conditions. We will also talk about our plans for the future of our podcast.   FYI: We are still working on audio quality. Please bare with us as we perfect our craft.

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Meet the Moody Mommies

In our first short and sweet episode meet the Moody Mommies as we begin our journey into learning about motherhood.    This is the first podcast we have produced, so fair warning the audio will be better episode 2.    Thank you so much for checking us out!