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Episode 23: When Mommy’s Away

After a little vacation from our littles we're back to talk Vanessa's first time away from her kids. We also have a little breastfeeding update! Full of laughter this episode is sure to spread some love.




Episode 22: The First Sleepover

 We chat about out first sleep over experiences with our kids and how when we watch others we are determined not to give up and call mom to come pick up her kid. We review a few sleep over tips for you and as always go a little off topic.




Episode 21 - Mommy’s Money

Vanessa and Jessica talk about how being too nice sometimes give you the sh** end of the stick when it comes to  making money and how you are treated at work.

We also introduce a new segment called Moody Meltdown that we would like to invite you to join in on. Whether it be your meltdown or your kids. send us a message!

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Episode 20: Roxy’s Life Story



On this episode we are honoring the life of Baby Roxanne with her mother Jane Navarro. Prepare your tissue as Jane walks us through her delivery and the days that proceeded her daughters birth. You can continue to follow their journey on instagram at lotuslanejane


She is now working on getting justice for her daughter's wrongful death and needs ALL OF OUR HELP 




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Episode 19: Breastfed and Co slept

In this short epsiode we discuss how we have been dealing with co sleeping and breastfeeding. Send us your thoughts and questions. We're in search for a baby sleep expert and we want to know, WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW!

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Episode 18 : All about the D.A.D Project

We're constantly working on becoming better mothers and we notice a ton of Mommy and me events but how often do we see events geared toward suppoting our children's fathers? Honestly, you'll be ready to sign your partners up for their groups after hearing this episode.

We're joined by the founders of D.A.D Project to talk about Positive Male influence in our children's lives beginning during the First 5. We had such an amazing time getting to know the mission of this truly engaging non profit. We have been fortunate enough to be involved in their activities and are excited to see what the future has in store for them. 

FYI: Help is always welcome in their parenting community from both Mommies and Daddies! Get Involved.

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Episode 17: Stepping up with Caroline and Alex

The life of a parent is never easy... now imagine being a step parent. What are the boundries? How do you co exist with another family? 


We chat with Caroline and Alex about their experience so far with living life as a blended family. Fair warning this episode is full of laughter. 


Let us know your experience. Any similarities or differences to Caroline and Alex?


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Episode 16: Swim Development with Lisa Cook

Dive In! or get your feet wet...however you're comfortable! We are joined by Lisa Cook Founder of Kids Swim LA a California based swim school for babies through adulthood! We are so fortunate to get to chat with her about water safety and her method of teaching. We get some amazing mommy advice that we have to take her up on and you might need to too!


Lisa has a ton coming up this year and we cant wait for you to hear about it.

Kid Swim LA Website


Episode 15: The Missing Mommies

 This week you get us all to yourself! No guest. Our online presence has been very low key recently and that's for some crazy reasons. Good and Bad. Listen in and find out where we've been.

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Episode 14: Babies on a Budget w/ Alyssa of

Come on guys, WE KNOW BUDGETING IS HARD ! It's so scary to think about couponing and busy sales floors for us millenials but Alyssa Creator of has us COVERED! hint hint we don't have to do any of the scary stuff to save our pennies. Take notes everyone because her tips get an A+ from us.